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I added chapter twelve of The Moon Coin to wattpad, meaning you can now read half the book there for free. Wattpad also started taking videos, so I posted this little teaser trailer there as well.

The Moon Coin / A Moon Realm Novel

When Lily and Jasper’s uncle disappears, Lily must search for him in the most unlikely of places: the fading realms of her childhood bedtime tales.

“For a feel of the beginning of The Moon Coin, picture what might come into being if you took C.S. Lewis and Dr. Seuss and locked them in a room until they wrote a book together. Got that? And then Dr. Seuss gets kicked out and the whole thing takes a rather J.R.R. Tolkien turn.” -V.K. Finnish, author of The Society’s Traitor, The Discoveries of Arthur Grey

Get it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005JFMKB8

Read the first half on Wattpad for free: https://www.wattpad.com/43091698-the-moon-coin-blurb



The Moon Coin & The Dragondain. Epic fantasy for ages 9 to 99. Visit the Moon Realm.

These are not your parents’ bedtime tales.

Telling a wicked good tale is a talent, but making it sound believable is a gift. Even as young teens, Lily and Jasper Winter still love their uncle’s bedtime tales. But they don’t believe, as they once did, that the tales he spins are true, or that his fantastic paintings are from places he’s actually been . . . that would be childish.

Now Uncle Ebb is missing.

Lily and Jasper are supposed to stay out of trouble while their parents search Ebb’s study, but his mansion is full of distractions. A Tesla generator thrums in the basement. Prismatic electrimals drift lazily around walls resembling underwater reefs. Then Oscar, a fuchsia-plumed flying seahorse, leads the siblings to a secret room, where the mystery of their uncle’s…

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Papierwands review.

The readers of Bay Weekly voted our bookstore, Second Looks Books, the Best of the Bay! As the Bay Weekly is based in the county to our North, the Annapolis Barnes & Noble wins most years, so this is a bit of a shock! Thank everybody who voted us in!!!

slb mural adYou can find Second Looks Books in Prince Frederick, Maryland, just to the right of the Peebles.

BestofLogo2014SLB store frontIf you love bookstores, and you have a moment, please visit our facebook page and give us a Like. 🙂 Thanks!

Here’s what it looks like:



When Lily and Jasper’s uncle disappears, Lily must search for him in the most unlikely of places: the fading realms of her childhood bedtime tales.

Gold Medal Winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.


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