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It’s high time I told you something about the Moon Realm. I crafted my original query letter back in 2010 to do exactly that. While it’s evolved over time, the hook has changed surprisingly little. Sure, if I knew a particular agent loved dystopian novels, then I’d make sure to slip in the word dystopian when describing the Moon Realm Lily and Jasper first encounter. But in the vast majority of queries, I avoided hitting people over the head with any trendy buzzwords that could apply to my series. And there are a lot; it’s the nature of a big, sprawling series. For example, the Dik Dek novels will take place mostly underwater, so they’re filled with merfolk, seahorse dragons, and magic pearls. The books that take place on the moon Dain are pure sword and sorcery, or lunamancy, as it’s known in the Moon Realm. And the ones set on the Tinker’s moon are unabashedly steampunk. With nine moons in the realm, I guess a few nova-hot sub-genre crossovers were inescapable.

But enough talk. Here’s what the snail-mail version looked like:

Click here for a PDF of the query.


When it came time to write the book hook that’ll go on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple’s iBookstore, I started with this query. I thought it was going to get longer when I rewrote it, as these agent queries are painfully short. I was shocked when it didn’t. If I were to query someone again, I’d use it: in a heartbeat.



Preview: The Moon Coin.

Six chapters formatted for ePubMobi, or PDF.

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Paperback and eBook now available:

Amazon and Second Looks Books.



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