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The Moon Realm Invades Barnes and Noble Bookstores Everywhere




I wish I had a more exciting tale to tell, but getting a self-published book into Barnes and Noble is all about time, diligence, and whether or not they want your book.

In a nutshell, here’s how I got the Moon Realm series into Barnes and Noble. Last fall I submitted to their Small Press Dept., at their Headquarters on 5th Ave, in New York. On their website, they said that if I didn’t hear back from them I should resend, as they get 2,000 submissions a week, which means, every once and a while, they have chuck everything and start over. I got a letter back from them maybe two weeks later requesting paperback copies of The Moon Coin (the only Moon Realm book in paper at that time). That was back in November. My next task was to get a distributor or wholesaler. B&N had sent me a list of them. I sent submissions two wholesalers that could work out for me. One replied in a week with a no. The other, Baker and Taylor, took longer. On March 26th, B&N sent me another letter saying they still wanted The Moon Coin, but that since they hadn’t heard from me in a long time, they were going to take their offer off the table 30 days from the date of that letter. That seemed more than fair to me, generous, in fact. It was a bit of a bummer, though, as I’d decided in my mind that Baker and Taylor, not having gotten back to me—I’d submitted to them in January—wasn’t interested in my book. Then, on April 11th, Baker and Taylor sent an email to Gibbering Gnome press saying “We are pleased to inform you that after reviewing your materials, we would like to have your company become a vendor with Baker & Taylor.”

That was a fine day.

Since the second book in my series, The Dragondain, had come out in December, and since my original contact from Barnes and Noble had changed since last November, I decided to send my new B&N contact new copies of both titles. She called a few weeks later to say they were going to order The Moon Coin, and that The Dragondain was now being reviewed by their buyer. During that time, Gibbering Gnome Press set up its account with B&T. I sent copies of books to my contact at B&T at that time, too. Soon, I was in B&T’s system.

On July 18th, the day before I was leaving for vacation, the first two purchase orders from B&T rolled in. So, instead of packing, I spent the evening thumbing through a 55 page document on how to make a proper shipping label for B&T’s warehouse. It involved me—I’m Gibbering Gnome’s typesetter, among other things—generating a label containing six barcodes. I’d never made barcodes before. I mean, I’d order them from Bowkers, of course, but never made them from scratch. By midnight, though, everything was boxed and ready to ship. I did what packing I could, then finished up in the morning. We sent the books off as we left town.

Unrelated to all this, I’d been in contact with a B&N Children’s Book Manager since last summer. Her store is in Utah. She’d contacted me on GoodReads, and wanted to know why my books weren’t in B&N’s catalog, Bookmaster. I’d told her I was trying my best. We kept in contact during this whole process, and, now that my books were in the system, she ordered copies for her store. She’s picked out a display, and Gibbering Gnome Press has sent her posters and postcards adverts.

Now all I need to do is sit back and watch the purchase orders roll in, right? Ha! If only it was so easy! But seriously, my job now is to run around to local B&Ns and independent bookstores, handing out free review copies and letting them know that I’m in B&T, or, in the case of the B&Ns, that I’m in Bookmaster. If I’m lucky, I might be able to get in on a few signings.





Copyright © 2011, 2012 by Richard Due. All rights reserved.
Gibbering Gnome Press,
A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink®
The Moon Realm®

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My Barnes and Noble rep called me and said she could see The Moon Coin in Baker & Taylor’s catalog, and that she was ordering copies for Barnes and Noble’s brick and mortar bookstores!!! She also said that their book buyer is currently reviewing The Dragondain (which I  sent them just last week).

Update: My Barnes and Noble rep sent me a letter confirming that The Dragondain has also been approved by their book buyer, and that paperback copies have been ordered. Woot!

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Which means . . . after I slay a thousand forms, hire TRON to break into B&N’s catalog system, kill the witch, and bring back the broom to Oz . . . after all that . . . The Moon Coin is headed for Barnes & Noble!

Here’s how it happened: back in the fall, Barnes and Noble sent me a letter saying they wanted to carry The Moon Coin in their brick and mortar bookstores. The problem is that B&N doesn’t acquire books from publishers and authors, they get them from distributors and wholesalers.

Well, this week I heard back from Baker & Taylor. I’VE GOT THE BROOM AND I’M HEADING BACK TO OZ! My book is going to be available to B&N, (among many other bookstores), and a 95% of all libraries!

I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to get back to Oz, though. A couple months maybe? There’s just never a roving band of blood-thirsty flying monkeys around when you need one. Have you ever noticed that? But when I do get back, and into the Barnes & Noble catalog, B&Ns everywhere will be able to stock the series!

I’ve already heard from one B&N children’s dept manager who says she already has a special display in mind. She also plans to put up posters! Yikes!

One B&N store down, 722 to go.

In other news, I’m back up on Google Plus:

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The Moon Coin is a fine and adventurous read for young adults,

highly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review

TMC Cover

This just in from the Midwest Book Review:

A good story almost comes alive in our imagination, and it may do just that. “The Moon Coin” begins Richard Due’s Moon Realm series, following young Lily and Jasper, who learn much about the place from their uncle. But when he goes missing, the kids will learn there was more to his stories than just stories, and the secrets behind them will prove dangerous as they are enticing. “The Moon Coin” is a fine and adventurous read for young adults, highly recommended.


The Moon Coin

Book One / A Moon Realm Novel

Now available in paperback and eBook.

AmazonBarnes and NobleiTunes iBookstore,
and Second Looks Books.


Two chapters formatted for ePub, Mobi, or PDF.

Please share these files with your friends. Enjoy.



Copyright © 2011 by Richard Due. All rights reserved. Gibbering Gnome Press,

A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink™ The Moon Realm™

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ColorPage, the amazing printer I use for all the Moon Realm books, asked me to do a testimonial for their website. Here it is:


Click HERE to read it in full.

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If you love reading books, or talking about books, or connecting with other readers or authors, you might want to check out GoodReads. Who knows, you just might find your next good read there.

If you’re an author, one of the indicators of how well your book is doing on GoodReads is by checking how many people have put your book on their “shelf.” It’s not a real shelf, and it doesn’t guarantee that the person will actually read  your book. But it does show that they’re interested, and that you might be in their reading queue.

Here’s a graph of The Moon Coin’s shelf adoption from the publication of the ebook, through the publication of the paperback, and ending today.


That dramatic rise in the middle directly corresponds to when the paperback edition was released.

It took The Moon Coin twelve-and-a-half months to reach 1,000 shelves. It’s currently on track to surpass 2,000 shelves in just three months.

To everyone who put my book on their shelf: THANK YOU!!!

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It came in the mail yesterday. A snail mail letter from Barnes & Noble, postmarked New York. My wife opened it. She scanned it. “They don’t want your book,” she said. [insert explosions, screams, and that little light that came out of Sirius Black’s mouth shooting out like a bullet from mine] Okay. It wasn’t that bad. Honestly, it had been the answer I’d been expecting all along. I’m a small publisher of two books, both by me.

Then, she said, “Wait, I skimmed over this first part.” She read it aloud: “Thank you for sending us THE MOON COIN. We welcome the opportunity to review books of all types from publishers large and small. After a careful review, the buyer for the category has decided to place an order for approximately 10 copies on THE MOON COIN.”

Then I read it. Ten times. I read it ten times because I was certain that on the next reading it would say something else.

But . . . it didn’t. It’s been a whole day. I’m still in shock.

The one big hitch is that B&N wants me to get my book into a distributor or wholesaler (there’s a difference?), before they’ll order the copies. I’ve been thinking about distributors for awhile now. I even went the the Self-Publishing Book Expo in New York last month, mostly to go to a workshop on distributors. What did I learn? There’s no way I can swing a distributor for THE MOON COIN or the upcoming THE DRAGONDAIN. My unit price is just too high. 22 full-color illustrations can do that to a book, you know. I stopped crunching the numbers after I got to the point where I was losing several dollars on each book (and I just knew there were more fees). Distributors want exclusives, which means I’d have to pull the book out of my own bookstore (and all the independents that are currently selling it). Distributors want a hefty cut of ebook sales. It’s endless.

My was despair incarnate.

Then I flipped over the list of distributors B&N had sent me. A list of wholesalers, huh? What are those?

I googled them. Wholesalers don’t ask for exclusivity. Wholesalers don’t ask for a cut of ebook sales. Wholesalers don’t ask for as big of a cut.

I said all right.

Our bookstore even had an account with one of the wholesalers on the list!

I submitted the book to them today. If they give me the thumbs up, THE MOON COIN is headed to a Barnes & Noble (and thousands of independent bookshops) near you. If they give me the thumbs down . . . all is lost and I sink into a pit of despair deeper than tar is black. Stay tuned.

Here’s the actual letter:

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